BioLite CampStove 2 第二代户外露营野炊柴火炉,热能发电(仅炉子)

野外最轻巧,最方便的柴火炉,并且通过热能转化成电能,满足电扇和LED灯的电量需求,自给自足。设计完美,方便携带以及用后的清洁。The most light and easy to use wood burnt stove, can also self supply electricity for fan and LED lights. Great design in portability and package

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6, 关于发电,目前的体验是只能提供风扇和LED灯的电能,还无法给外接设备充电

My Own Experience:

1, Small package, one full set only packed in two package: One package include the kettle and the stove, another package includes the BBQ Grill, easy to carry in backpack

2, After cooking, could pack immeditately without clean, because the burning areas are all inside, the outside is clean, won't make your backpack dirty

3, Be careful with adding woods, add when the fire is big not when the fire is small

4, If use wetwood, it will have smoke, and also big fan use up lots of electricity

5,The new products will have welding points, those are not quality problem. Also the grill won't sit on stove seamlessly, because the ground is not even, so every time we need to put something under the grill legs to adjust.

6, Won't expect too much of charging your phone, but self supply electricity for fan and LED light