Let's Join 100km Hike! 加入磨房百公里吧!

This is a huge city-wide event supported by the government, and that means a lot of trash will be generated by the thousands of people who will attend, trash we can help to pick up! Lets go and set an example for everyone by protecting the environment and making an impact! 又到了一年一次的磨房百公里徒步活动,这样的大型活动唤起大家对户外运动兴趣的同时,对我们的环境也造成一定的破坏和威胁,所以让我们行动起来,发挥绿脚丫的作用,参与到活动中去,用我们的行动告诉参赛者爱护环境,让这样的大型活动不给环境造成负担。

【爬山 Hiking Cleanup】Dongguan YinPing Mountain 东莞银瓶山

Dongguan Yinpingzui Peak is located in Dongguan Qingxi Town and connection to Huizhou, it got the name of small Jiuzhaigou. There was a poem by a famous poet about this mountain, so it got famous since then. The main peak is meters high, it has many specises of plants and animals. Lets go explore the beautiful nature there 东莞银瓶嘴位于广东东莞清溪镇和惠州相接处,素有“小九寨沟”之称,至今还流传着一首诗:“银瓶山水天下流,风景美丽醉东坡,东坡攀登银瓶山,赞叹风景胜罗浮”,银瓶嘴因此而闻名。银瓶嘴山主峰898米,山峰连绵起伏,自然植物种类和花草品种繁多,野生动物不计其数。

FULL满额【环保露营 ECO Camp】Hongkong Big Wave Bay Hike&Camp&Surfing香港大浪湾徒步露营冲浪

Named for its surfable waves, Big Wave Bay tends to be quieter and cleaner compared to neighbouring Shek O. Its a great spot to relax and grab a bite at the end of the Dragons Back hike and there are surfboards to rent if you fancy riding the waves. Also the hiking trail of Dragons back provide great view over the bay!