【再利用Reborn】传递旧物精彩,共讨百味人生Life stories in old stuffs

五月,这个似水的季节,悠然地坐在暮春的肩头,温暖的阳光洒进心扉,全新改版的绿脚丫旧物交换活动正大步走来。约吗? In May, this watery season, sitting comfortably on the shoulders of Hunchun, the warm sunshine spilled into the heart, and a completely revised version of the old exchange activity of greenfoot was striding forward. Let's meet up?

【Cleanup清洁】绿脚丫凤凰山环保行 GreenFoot Fenghuangshan Trip

凤凰山被誉为宝安第一山,坐落在广东省深圳市宝安区福永镇凤凰村东面的山系,海拔376米,方圆1.2公里,素有“凤山福水福盈地”的美誉。凤凰奇拔峻秀,呈半月形展开,恰似镶嵌在西海之滨的一湾新月,水光山色,峭岩古洞,构成了一幅风光旖旎、雄伟壮观的山水画卷。凤凰山自然风景绮丽,人文景观丰富,在清朝被列为新安八景之一。 Phoenix Mountain is regarded as Bao'an First Mountain, located in the east of Fenghuang Village, Fuyong Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is 376 meters above sea level and has a radius of 1.2 kilometers. It is known as the “Fengshan Fortune Land”. The Phoenix is magnificent and unpretentious. It is a semi-lunar moon. It resembles a bay and a new moon set on the coast of the West Sea. The water and mountains, and the Qiaoyan ancient caves form a picturesque scenery. Phoenix Mountain has beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural landscape. It was listed as one of the eight views of Xin'an during the Qing Dynasty.

【露营Camp】Shuang Yue Wan Beach Cleanup&BBQ 惠东双月湾清理沙滩烧烤篝火露营活动(5月19-5月20)

Hui zhou Shuang Yue Wan is named because of the shape, look like two moons. Clean beach, Green woonds, blue sea, different type of rocks, and birds, fisher boats, all formed a beautiful seashore picture. Here comes Green Foot, to protect this clean nature and also bring the concept of environment care, to influence more people to care for the precious gift from the nature. 惠州双月湾因形状鸟瞰像两轮新月,故名双月湾。洁白的沙滩,黛绿的林带,碧蓝的大海,多姿的礁石,迷人的小岛,穿梭的渔舟,构成了动静交融的南海渔港风。绿脚丫来了,为了守护这一片洁净,也为了带去绿脚丫的理念,影响更多人爱护大自然的馈赠,这片美丽的沙滩

【Dongguan 東莞站】 Public Speech Event 大眾演講活動

你想知道不同產業的人們在做什麼嗎? 綠腳ㄚ在本週日舉辦一個跨產業演講活動.我們邀請到了陳大教先生來給我介紹下光伏發電產業的內容.他會給我們說說他的工作,他的產業還有分享他的故事. Do you want to know what people in different industry are doing? GreenFoot Dongguan brings you the corss industry speech event on this Sunday (5/13). We invited a guest speaker(Roben Chen) who works in a Solar Power company for years to share his job, his industry and his stories.

【Cleanup 清洁】Wutong Hike&Trash Picking Up 梧桐山环保行

繁花似锦,春意盎然,我们一起置身大自然里,用爱护环境的心再添一抹绿. Let's add green to the nature in spring. This is the time to strap on our boots and start an exhilarating hike of the highest peak in the city Wutong Shan. The peak is at an altitude of 943 meters and provides panoramic views of not only Shenzhen but also the neighboring Hong Kong. Our task will be to hike the small or big Wutong peaks, find as many creeks and brooks as possible, clean the mountain, and spread the word on environment awareness. 是时候和绿脚丫一起探索深圳最高峰梧桐山的美景美色了。梧桐山海拔943米,有全方位的景观,可以俯瞰深圳和香港。我们此次的任务是大小梧桐,试图寻找小溪和溪流,捡拾沿途的垃圾,清洁梧桐山,传播环保意识。

【FULL满额】净滩独木舟浮潜 Beach Cleanup, Canoe, Snorkeling&Camping

The place where we will go is one of the first batch of Marine Parks established in Hong Kong. One of the best sea areas in Hong Kong with good water quality and diverse marine lives. Coral communities is most famous, in terms of species diversity and richness. Mangroves and various marine organisms are also recorded in the Marine Park. 良好的水质、多样化的海洋生物,成为香港最美丽的海湾之一。这里拥有逾60种石珊瑚和120种珊瑚鱼,是潜水运动爱好者的天堂。在天晴之日、退潮之时,在码头附近,您会看到水中的珊瑚以及珊瑚鱼。想一探水底的珊瑚世界,您可以在附近的村落租用潜水器材,到繁茂的珊瑚群落中观赏海底景色。不过不要对海岸公园内的自然生态造成破坏