【FULL满额】净滩独木舟浮潜 Beach Cleanup, Canoe, Snorkeling&Camping

The place where we will go is one of the first batch of Marine Parks established in Hong Kong. One of the best sea areas in Hong Kong with good water quality and diverse marine lives. Coral communities is most famous, in terms of species diversity and richness. Mangroves and various marine organisms are also recorded in the Marine Park. 良好的水质、多样化的海洋生物,成为香港最美丽的海湾之一。这里拥有逾60种石珊瑚和120种珊瑚鱼,是潜水运动爱好者的天堂。在天晴之日、退潮之时,在码头附近,您会看到水中的珊瑚以及珊瑚鱼。想一探水底的珊瑚世界,您可以在附近的村落租用潜水器材,到繁茂的珊瑚群落中观赏海底景色。不过不要对海岸公园内的自然生态造成破坏