【Cleanup 清洁】Green Foot Maluan Shan Clean Up 绿脚丫马峦山徒步清洁

Time to strap on our boots again and hike the most pristine mountain of Shenzhen - Maluan Shan. This hike offers a hiking route where we will be jumping from one boulder to another and through trails that are still unpaved, plus we will get to see the highest waterfall in Shenzhen. 绿脚丫的小伙伴们,让我们一起去深圳最美丽的大山,马峦山进发吧!马峦山是深圳少有的,全程都没有水泥路和阶梯的纯天然的路径。而且我们能在途中见到深圳最高的瀑布。在山顶我们可以在附近的农家尽享美餐。