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【过年CNY】绿脚丫春节派对Green Foot CNY Party

  •  活动于9个月前已结束

  •     2020-01-24 00:00:00

  •   深圳市

  •     暂定

  •  费用 150

  •  25 / 40

  •  13612837955

  •  mstzxs212

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Blink of an eye, another New Year is coming, you plan to be alone in shenzhen, ready to how the New Year?



        As time is gradually disappearing and the age is increasing, I find that a year seems to pass quickly. The reason why I feel this way is that time is becoming more and more important to us.



        过年,对于没有回家的游子来说,都是因为形形色色的原因,有为了避免各种各样的催婚 ,相亲,聚会,或者是觉得事业还不够成功,不想回家面对各种花式提问,也有人因为和家人的关系变得紧张而不知所措,索性就留在这边过年。总之,选择在深圳独自过年的原因似乎并不那么重要,真正重要的是怎么开心的,舒服的度过这个异乡的新年。

         Chinese New Year's day, with no home, because of various reasons, there is in order to avoid all kinds of urge marriage, dating, party, or feel not enough success, don't want to go home in the face of all kinds of fancy questions, some at a loss, because of the tension with family just stay here for the holiday. In a word, the reason why I chose to spend the Spring Festival alone in shenzhen seems not so important. What really matters is how to be happy and spend the New Year in a foreign land comfortably.



        We can no longer like a child, so capricious, that kind of heart by sex, do not care, sometimes, things turn around, you can miss so much, now, is more of a responsibility to bear pressing own resolution to succeed is to constantly motivate and self-growth, target clear step by step, what's changed the original yourself, I think it's time. We can not be a lifetime of children, it is impossible not to let themselves live clearly, live wonderful, because, we are not the original



         Think carefully, this year happened bit by bit, joys and sorrows, every year at this time, always in the time sense, sum up a year of gains and losses, and plan to pursue next year


         如果你打算在深圳过年,而又苦苦寻觅同伴的时候,不如加入我们一起跨年吧!带你一起共聚一堂 ,让你在远离家乡的大都市,也能找寻到家的温暖。让我们一起走进大自然,敞开心扉,互诉衷肠,再放空自己,重新积攒能量,迎接新的一年!

          If you're going to Spend the Chinese New Year in shenzhen, and looking for friends to spend together in a traditional way, come and join in us, we will let you have very special experience with local people. 



    Welcome to the Greenfoot Spring Festival party!



Green Foot Spring Festival Spring Festival is held in Luofushan Scenic Area of Huizhou for three days. Luofu Mountain is a national scenic spot and a national AAAAA scenic spot. It stands in the south-central part of the Lingnan Mountains and is situated in Daya Bay of the South China Sea, adjacent to the West Lake of Huizhou. 





Sima Qian of the Han Dynasty said, "Luofuhan ordered Nanyue, one of the ten mountains in the world". It is respected by Taoism as the seventh largest cave in the world and the thirty-four blessed land. It is called the first Zen forest of Louvre by Buddhism.



This activity is in a lodging near Luofu Mountain. The lodging environment is beautiful, including lawns, flower beds and ponds. It is a typical Guangdong house. Friends from other places can also enjoy their eyes. It is especially suitable for people to gather together during the Spring Festival. 

民宿 (1).jpg


Accommodation is a 1.5-metre double bed with two same-sex beds. The interior is spacious and clean, similar to the decoration mode of fast hotels.



We cook in groups, stir-fry, hot pot or barbecue, according to the wishes of the members of the group, buy ingredients and seasonings. Buy according to the quantity, ensure that you have enough to eat, and never waste. Look at the delicacies made on New Year's Day.


【时间 Date&Time2020/1/24 ~ 2020/1/26


地点 Place惠州罗浮山附近的民宿 Homestay of Luofu Moutian in Huizhou


活动费用 Fees 


120 元/人 (普通票,19号00:01分之后到21号晚23:59分前报名)

150元/人 (晚鸟票,22号00:01分分到23号晚23:59分前报名)

费用包含个人意外险10万元,路线探索,活动策划,第一急救包,安全督导, 公共物资等费用。


100RMB/person (until 23:59 of 18th Jan)

120RMB/person  ( 00:01 of 19th Jan to 23:59 of 21th Jan)

150RMB/person  ( 00:01 of 22th Jan to 23:59 of 23th Jan)

 Fees includes: a small amount of fireworks, the outdoor insurance(100K RMB), route development, Management and First Aid.

NOT include: Food, Accomodation, Transportation and other personal cost




Refund policy: 

Sign Up Fee: can NOT be refunded if within 24hours before the event starts

Accommodation Fee:  can NOT be refunded if within 48hours before the event starts

【环保必备品 Eco Items


Bring shopping bag, reusable cup and cutlery and bowls .


年三十 2020/1/24 

13:00 每个车自行集合,出发去目的地

         Each car gather together to start heading to Destination

15:00 到达目的地,办理入住

          Arrive and settle into the room, start self-introduction to know each other

15:30 小组组内进行自我介绍和接下来的安排,进行春节装饰

          Captain will gather team member to know each other and make arrangement

17:00 洗菜做饭,准备年夜饭;节日装饰布置

        Start New Year Decoration, Prepare for dinner (cut the woods, make the fire, making dumplings together)          


19:00 吃晚餐,收拾;

         Having Dinner together


20:00 集体活动Group activity

        1,看春晚, 边饮茶喝酒聊天(3*2米的大投影)

              Drinking chatting while Watching the Spring Festival Evening show on big 3*2 meters projector screen


             Fireworks to celebrate the new year's coming

初一 2020/1/25

10:00 爬山,玩游戏

         cleanup the mountain, play games 


16:30 下到山底,回到客栈休息半小时;

         back to hotel and rest 

17:00 准备晚餐和小组表演节目练习

           Prepare dinner and team performance


19:00 晚餐时间

         Having Dinner

20:00 集体活动 Group activity


              Self-introduction: we can talk about our concept of environmental protection, the customs of the Spring Festival in our hometown, New Year's wishes etc


              Team performance



               Exchange Gifts 


初二 2020/1/26

 10:00 集合去菜园采摘,和清洁居住处的环境

           Pack up lugguage and cleanup the place

 14:00 集合回去(想继续留下的可继续)

           Go back or stay (up to your personal choice)


【志愿者招募 Volunteers Needed

If you wanna be our Photographer, Writer,  please contact our event leader Barry by wechat: mstzxs212



Reward: Free event fee, Captain will get 20 green points, Photographer and Writer will get green points accordingly



 Team Captain: Gather Team, Food purchase, Accomodation and transportation arrangement

Leaders will be exempted event cost and be rewarded with 20 green points


Writer: the whole party including each team and combine with your own experience.

To Sign Up 报名方式


Click the green button on top of the page to sign up and scan below QR code to enter a temporary wechat group, please choose your team, the team captain will discuss with everyone about food arrangement.


【报名须知 Reminder】

1, 若报名交费不满20人,绿脚丫环保组织会在活动出发前1天发出取消活动信息给到已报名的伙伴,活动费全额退还。

If participants who pay the fee less than 20, Green Foot will cancel the event and will inform the signed-up participants one day in advance. All the fee will be returned if the event cancelled.


If the event can't accomplish because of force majeures(Including but not limited to natural disaster,wars,terrorist activities,turmoils,striking,public health emergencies,state actions and so on), the fee that participants already paid will be all returned if no cost happens of the event.  If the cost of the event already happens, Green Foot will return the rest of the fee after cutting the necessary part that cannot be returned which pay for local agencies or event assistants.


The ones who signed up accept the above terms!


Declaimer 免责申明】

This is not a professionally guided tour. Hiking endures many risks. Green Foot will not be held liable, both legally and medically, for any harm that occures from our activities. We encourage everyone to hike within their limits.





广州蓝天救援 020-61136119


报警电话 110

急救电话 120

Green Foot logo&QR code.jpg

【绿脚丫简介 Green Foot Introduction】





Established in 2015, headquartered in Shenzhen, with its branches in 8 Cities: Hongkong, Guangzhong, Shanghai, Xi An etc, Green Foot is dedicated to promote environmental awareness and practice environment friendly life style through various social events. Green Foot is also an international community with environment lovers from USA, Germany, UK, India&Southeast Asia etc around 30 countries and has influenced over 100,000 people. Green Foot is determined to connect more people to pursue a greener world

调整大小 1558935824616004.jpg

绿脚丫的舞台,就等你来! This is the stage for you!

 绿脚丫精神 Green Foot Spirit】 

    Living the Green Foot Spirit - 活出绿脚丫精神


      Its cleaner when you leave.

  • 钱是自己的,资源是大家的

       Money is yours, resources are ours.

  • 不让一个人落单

      Nobody stands alone.


      Bring your smile and open heart.

调整大小 1558972776841125.jpg微信图片_20190521122821.jpg


Green Foot was awarded the Outstanding Progress in Envioronmental Protection by 2018 Green Asia-Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards, which has great impact on environemtal protection in Asia-Pacific areas. 

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无畏的希望 Audacity of Hope

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绿脚丫是什么? What is Green Foot?


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