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【露营Eco Camp】香港大东山芒草HK Dongshan Camp

  •  活动于6个月前已结束

  •     2019-12-07 11:30:00

  •   深圳市

  •     香港大东山

  •  费用 60

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  •  18319995051

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Autumn is the season going to Da Dong Shan at Lantau island for its beautiful autumn color from Miscanthus plantation.

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Meeting Points集合点

2019-12-7 Saturday 星期六11:30am 

Exit B of Tungchung metro station 在东涌地铁站B出口集合


行程 Schedule

第一天 First Day

11:30 Gather at Exit B of Tungchung metro station 在东涌地铁站B出口集合

11:30-13:00 Lunch&Purchase Drinking water and food at Tungchung  东涌午餐,采购食用水和食物

Please bring your own tableware, no disposable products 请自带餐具,杜绝一次性餐具)

13:00 - 14:00  Taking bus 3M to Campsite 在东涌市中心坐3M号巴士去露营地

14:00 - 15:00 Set up tents 搭建帐篷


15:00 -17:00 Hike to the peak for nice view(Pick up trash on the way) 


17:00-20:00 Make dinner 做晚餐

20:00-22:00 Team performance and game集体活动,表演和游戏   

22:00-24:00  Social Time 谈心聊天


第二天 Second Day  

7:00-8:00 Weak up and packing the luggage 起床和收拾行李

8:00-9:00 Make breakfast 做早餐

9:00 -12:00   Hiking to Da Dong Shan(Pick up trash on the way) 徒步去大东山(沿路捡垃圾)


12:00 - 14:00 Lunch Time 午餐

14:00 Back to shenzhen  回深圳

【活动费用 Fees】

60元/人 RMB/person(周四之前报名 Before Thursday

70元/人 RMB/person(周四之后报名 After Thursday

费用包含个人意外险10万元,路线探索,活动策划,第一急救包,安全督导, 公共物资等费用。

Fees includes the outdoor insurance(100,000 RMB), route development, Management and First Aid. 


Refund policy:Fee not refund 24 hours before the event. (Refund please contact with wechat:greenfootadmin



Green Foot members can enjoy 20% off, 10 Green Points can exchange 10RMB coupon(Both discount can't apply at the same time, only can exchange one coupon each time)

绿币兑换链接Green Points Exchange Link:


(Please claim refund by wechat: greenfootadmin)(请联系微信:greenfootadmin)

Cost for reference 其他费用参考

Food material 晚餐食材:Estimated 100HKD per person 预计100港币每人

Transportation交通: 150HKD港币

Estimated money to bring 需携带现金 >300HKD港币


【加入小组Join in Team】


After you sign up and pay, please choose your team, the team captain will discuss with everyone about tent, food arrangement. 

【必备品What to bring】

港澳通行证,帐篷,睡袋,手电筒或头灯,保暖衣服,食物,个人物品,结实的垃圾袋和手套,水杯和碗筷,防蚊水,防晒霜,现金多于300港币左右. (你可以点击图片购买此可折叠杯子)

Passport,tent,Raincoat/umbrella, Flashlight/headlamp, warm cloth(must),food,personal product,durable rubbish bag and gloves, reusable cup and cutlery and bowls, Mosquitto repellent, Suncream, Swimming clothes,Snorkeling Gear ,Cash more than 500HKD. (You may purchase the fodlable cup by click on below picture)




We will have two lunchs at Tunchung, so we will prepare two breakfast and two dinners and enough drinking water, we can purchse at Tunchung(group leaders will discuss with everyone to decide what to buy


【帐篷租借 Tent to rent】

没有帐篷的,请通知本组组长,由组长统一安排租借帐篷(含防潮垫,50元3天), 押金150元,需要自己付费自提以及携带。如需送到福田口岸,需支付20元的递送费用。

If you need to rent a tent, please tell your team captain, tent 50rmb for 3 days and include anti-damp matt , 150 rmb deposit please pick up the tent by yourself.


【洗漱 Wash&Shower】


Camp site has water for wash and shower, but cold water. They also have toilets



【To Sign Up 报名方式

Click the green button on top of the page to sign up and scan below QR code to enter a temporary wechat group, please choose your team, the team captain will discuss with everyone about tent, food arrangement. 






【Declaimer 免责申明

This is not a professionally guided tour. Hiking endures many risks. Green Foot will not be held liable, both legally and medically, for any harm that occures from our activities. We encourage everyone to hike within their limits. 



绿脚丫活动宗旨 Green Foot Event etiquette】

We go to the nature to clean up the rubbish left in nature, also its an experience for attendees to learn to respect the nature without hurting or influencing them. Except photos, we don't leave any trace.


1,必须自带垃圾袋装自己的垃圾,并且带走 Please bring rubbish bags to take your own rubbish and take away

2,不可以抓任何野生生物 Not allowed to scare or catch any wild animals

3,  理任何我们去过的地方 Clean up every place we go and stay

Green Foot logo&QR code.jpg 

【绿脚丫简介 Green Foot Introduction】



Established in 2015, headquartered in Shenzhen, with its branches in 8 Cities: Hongkong, Guangzhong, Shanghai, Xi An etc, Green Foot is dedicated to promote environmental awareness and practice environment friendly life style through various social events. Green Foot is also an international community with environment lovers from USA, Germany, UK, India&Southeast Asia etc around 30 countries and has influenced over 100,000 people. Green Foot is determined to connect more people to pursue a greener world




2018绿脚丫光荣榜(大使,活动负责人,志愿者)Green Foot 2018 Honor Board


 【绿脚丫精神 Green Foot Spirit】 

    Living the Green Foot Spirit - 活出绿脚丫精神

  •  去时比来时更干净

        Its cleaner when you leave.

  •  钱是自己的,资源是大家的

        Money is yours, resources are ours.

  • 不让一个人落单

       Nobody stands alone.

  • 带上笑容,敞开心扉

        Bring your smile and open heart.

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Green Foot was awarded the Outstanding Progress in Envioronmental Protection by 2018 Green Asia-Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards, which has great impact on environemtal protection in Asia-Pacific areas. 

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无畏的希望 Audacity of Hope

调整大小 1558972609474694.jpg

绿脚丫是什么? What is Green Foot?

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绿脚丫的舞台,就等你来! This is the stage for you!



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敞开 / Be Open up

分享 / Share

信任 / Trust

做自己 / Be True Yourself

创 / To Create

挑战 / Challenge

逐梦 / Pursue Your Dream

坚持 / Perseverance