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【清洁Cleanup】绿脚丫东西冲清理行动Green Foot Dongxichong Coastal Cleanup

  •  活动于2个月前已结束

  •     2018-03-03 08:45:00

  •   深圳市

  •     大鹏西冲海滩

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Calling all friends of the environment! On Saturday, March 3, we are going out to clean the beaches between Dongchong and Xichong at the tip of Dapeng Peninsula! Also known as “Dongxichong”, this coastline is a very popular hiking area among tourists, but as there is no defined trail and it is somewhat difficult to access, the trash left by tourists has been piling up to unacceptable levels, often left to wash out to sea during high tide, polluting not only our land but also the ocean. 

叫上你身边所有爱环保的朋友! 3月3号星期六,我们要清理大鹏半岛东涌和西涌之间海滩上的垃圾!也被称为“东西涌”。这个海岸线是游客非常酷爱的徒步旅行区。但是由于没有很清晰的路线而且有些难以进入,游客留下的垃圾已经堆积到难以接受的程度,经常在涨潮时流入大海。不仅污染我们的土地,而且污染海洋。


We want to make this a fun day trip – you are welcome to join us and clean up the beaches, stay at Xichong beach and relax/have fun, or enjoy your day however you please! That said, the majority of us may not hike all the way from Xichong to Dongchong, and will spend most of our time picking up trash at a couple of the beaches before heading back to our starting point at Xichong.

我们希望这是一个有趣的一日游 - --欢迎您加入我们,清理海滩。在西涌的海滩上放松、娱乐。从西涌穿越到东涌,尽情享受你美好时光!或许很多人可能不会从西涌到东涌一路徒步,而会花大部分时间在几个海滩上捡起垃圾,然后再回到我们在西涌的起点。

Meeting Place and Time:
8:45am at Futian Metro Station, Exit 2A
早上8点45 分在哪里碰头? 福田地铁站2A出口集合

***NOTE: You MUST sign up to join! If you are not on the sign up list, we will not let you get on the bus!***


The small signup fee will help cover our effort to organize and lead this trip as well as purchase outdoor activity insurance for everyone.


***After signing up, please submit your information so we can purchase insurance for you by scanning the QR code below or opening the link:





9:00am Leave from Futian 从福田出发
10:30 Arrive at Xichong 到达西冲
11:00 Start hiking and cleaning up 开始徒步,清理
12:00pm Lunch (bring your own) 吃午餐(要自己带)
14:00 Start heading back 开始回去
17:00 End hike and throw away the collected trash in the dumpsters 徒步结束,把垃圾扔掉
17:30 Leave for Shenzhen 出发去深圳
18:30 Arrive back in Shenzhen and get dinner together 回到深圳,一起吃晚餐

Difficulty: Hard
There is no defined hiking path along the exposed rugged coastline. We will be clambering over uneven/slippery rocks, pushing through bushes, and climbing up and down very slippery/steep dirt trails (some parts have ropes to pull yourself up). All this and hauling heavy bags of garbage back. ***Although note that we will stay close to Xichong Beach and won’t actually hike all the way to Dongchong, so you can go as far as you are comfortable going before turning around and heading back to the beach.

PLEASE consider your ability to hike under such conditions. Any “office worker type” can do it, but you must not be overweight and ideally must exercise regularly.

IMG_20170408_133033 small.jpg

Of course, if you decide to just lay on the beach or have fun at Xichong, no hiking experience is necessary! 



Special thanks to our sponsor 特别鸣谢我们的赞助商:
Lian Hong Recycle Plastic Industry Limited Company 


Our sponsor is providing the following FOR FREE:


  • Our bus (going and returning) 来回巴士费

  • A pair of trash collecting gloves (NOTE we suggest you bring other gloves - see below) 一双捡垃圾的手套 (注意我们建议你带其他手套;请看下面的信息)

  • A *limited* supply of rice sacks for collecting garbage (again, please see the section below - we encourage everyone to bring their own rice sacks) 有限的供应收集垃圾的大米袋子(不过再次请注意下面的信息:我们鼓励大家都带他们自己的大米袋)


Liankuai is a company that does international trading for recycled plastic.
Their mission is to create another life for what some view as only garbage. 

What to Bring:


  • Large empty rice sacks for collecting garbage. You can go to your local supermarket and ask the staff to empty some rice sacks into the rice boxes (they need to refill the boxes anyway) and give you the sacks for free. 大米垃圾袋。你可以去你的附近百货超市问一下服务员能不能把一两个大米袋倒入米箱里,然后免费给你(毕竟他们要经常再补充箱子)。


  • Construction/garden gloves for holding onto ropes and grabbing sharp rocks 工用/园艺用的那种比较厚的手套,可以用来抓登山绳以及尖石

  • Hiking clothes (light jacket that can be taken off and long pants) 登山服(可以随时穿戴的薄外套与长裤)

  • Shoes with good traction (shoes that are not only good for clambering over rocks and hiking but ones that can also get wet) 防滑运动鞋(鞋子要那种不止可以爬山的并且可以防滑,浸水的)

  • 3 liters of water 3升水

  • Optionally sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, etc. 太阳镜,遮阳帽,防晒油等

Note that you must bring your own lunch – food that is suitable for eating on a hike. 请大家携带好自己的午餐—带水和零食。

As a lot of people will be going and expecting to leave on time, we will NOT wait for late participants on the morning of the event. Thanks for understanding.



If you or your friends join us, you are also agreeing to accept the risks associated with hikes/a trip like this. If you are in danger or get hurt along the way, we will try our best to help you, but in the end we are NOT responsible for you or your friends. We are all mature adults. Be careful and responsible.



Please note, if you do decide to hike all the way to Dongchong, you will be responsible for your own transportation either back to Xichong to catch our bus or back to Shenzhen. We will not wait for anyone coming from Dongchong if the majority of our group is ready to leave. In addition, as we have spent a lot of time and effort organizing this event, there will be no refunds if you miss or choose not to ride our bus back to Shenzhen.


The big difference we made last year:



绿脚丫是一个国际环保社交平台,希望通过一系列的活动:户外爬山,海滩,看电影,演讲讨论等大家喜闻乐见的模式,把环保的理念植入到我们的生活中去. 通过一个绿币激励系统来鼓励做环保的行为。通过你的环保行为获得的积分可以在我们的绿色商城里面消费,共同创造共赢的环保生态圈!

Green Foot is an International Environment Care Community that connect and influence people with environment awareness through activities such as: Hiking & Trash Cleanups, Documentary Film & Social Nights, Second Hand Goods Exchanges, Public Speaking Events, and many others.We have created an incentive system to encourage people to take actions to protect the environment by rewarding them with green points. You can then use green points to consume at our green shop, creating a win-win solution and work together towards our common goal!

Green Foot logo&QR code.jpg


绿脚丫一周岁环保年会 Green Foot One Year Anniversary Party

南山 3M_副本.jpg

南山爬山捡垃圾 Nanshan Hiking&Cleanup


World Environment Day Green Foot Clean up Dongxichong 





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