We bow to no king or queen, instead we bend the knee to our planet earth.  We bend to the knee to pick up your garbage. Shamelessly, on our knee, we reach into bushes, concrete, wetlands, and other crevices of nature to put trash in its proper place.




When we aren't bending our knees for you and our planet, you can see us entertaining, frolicking, and even partying in nature.



How do we align our values advocating for a greener earth into our entertainment and adventures? Read on if you care to learn how we created an “Eco-Celebration” for Green Foot’s Anniversary. We are not hypocrites; we are advocates!



Our party was like no other; we sure hope you can attend next time. Our objective was simple: celebrate one year of Green Foot in the most environmental way possible.



Here’s the meat:



To add a spark of flavor to our meals, we platted all food on biodegradable banana leaves.  After munching down our food, everyone created a boutonnier for their formal clothing. Our eco-friendly mindsets did not stop at the banana plates! Our members all had to use leftover veggies to create their boutonnier. Photos below show some of art work created by our members:


vegetable decoration.png

Even though we tried to be as considerate for our earth as possible during this party, waste was still produced. To combat our waste, we thought it best to separate biodegradable trash from plastic. Happily, we stowed all of our trash by biodegrability



Lastly, we did not waste any food. All leftovers were sent home with our community. Evoking an image of  giving to other human beings, and, again, being considerate for our earth was a common theme in this celebration. Please join us next time to feel the love.



The evening concluded with dances and hugs all the way round. We spread a message to raise environmental awareness, but we also believe each human being deserves  to feel loved.



If you have any feedback, please add our Wechat account to share your insights.


Note to readers: Green Foot operates through volunteers. Without our dedicated members, we would not exist. Thank you for all that you have done.



绿脚丫是一个国际环保社交平台,希望通过一系列的活动:户外爬山,海滩,看电影,演讲讨论等大家喜闻乐见的模式,把环保的理念植入到我们的生活中去. 通过一个绿币激励系统来鼓励做环保的行为。通过你的环保行为获得的积分可以在我们的绿色商城里面消费,共同创造共赢的环保生态圈!

Green Foot is an International Environment Care Community that connect and influence people with environment awareness through activities such as: Hiking & Trash Cleanups, Documentary Film & Social Nights, Second Hand Goods Exchanges, Public Speaking Events, and many others.We have created an incentive system to encourage people to take actions to protect the environment by rewarding them with green points. You can then use green points to consume at our green shop, creating a win-win solution and work together towards our common goal!

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绿脚丫一周岁环保年会 Green Foot One Year Anniversary Party