Maybe many don't even know what is flashmob when some started discussing in the group about it. We began to search online. Flashmob is to gather people who don't know each other from internet to perform in public space, to bring people surprise and joy in the form of dancing or other forms. Maybe below video could give you the idea.


After not long discussion, we all agree: Let's do it! Stasia started designing our flashmob from scratch! We can do it!

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A few sleepless nights have born 3 amazing songs, not only cheerful rythem, the lyrics were so inspiring and exciting!

1Can't stop the feeling, Justin Timberlake 不能停止这种感觉


I got this feeling inside my bones

It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on

All through my city, all through my home

We're flying up, no ceiling, when we're in our zone


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2. Try everything, Shakira 尝试一切

Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up

Nobody learns without getting it wrong


I won't give up, no I won't give in

'Til I reach the end and then I'll start again

No, I won't leave, I wanna try everything

I wanna try even though I could fail

I won't give up, no I won't give in

'Til I reach the end and then I'll start again


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3. When we stand together, Nickelback 当我们站在一起

The right thing to guide us

Is right here inside us

No one can divide us

When the light is nearly gone


We must stand together

There's no giving in

Hand in hand forever

That's when we all win



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Our dancing leader Ivah, not only lead us to dance and separate each movement, even made the video for us to learn at home. We admire her concentration and pursue of perfection!

我们的领舞Ivah,不但分解动作,带领大家练习,并且制作了分解舞步的视频便于大家在家里练习. 十分崇敬她对事情的专注和对完美的追求


四个星期周末的辛苦排练,每一次相聚是快乐的传递,信念的聚集. Cory,咱们福田区的领舞,她用她的那份投入和坚持影响着她的组员。因为她知道每一份承诺的重量

Four weeks practice, every time, it is the pass on of happiness, gathering of faith. Cory, a dancing leader for futian district, she influenced her team with dedication and insistency.



Its about environment in the end, our intention is to remind everyone of the plastic rubbish around. The littered water bottles, do they remind you of the warer bottle you are drinking everyday? How should we reduce the burden we produced for the earth?

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The crowds were touched by our passion and dynamic energy! Maybe busy work and pressure have made them feel numb, this sudden surprise with music and dance brought them another side of life.

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Some told me, she was so moved and had the impluse to join in us and dance. Some time, we don't need any reason, just wanna release ourselves, join in a simple dance, and move your body with the melody...

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Actually right before the performance day, many of us were so worried that we are not so familiar with the dance, we might not dance well. However we told ourselves, green foot flashmob is not about professional dance, we carry our own misssion, we use our movement to express our faith and will. Just keep smiling and be energetic in what we were doing, this is enough to inspire others.

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In the end, the energy we have brought has even surprised ourselves, we look at each other with consent, and we know we did it and so well. We were connected inside our heart, move for the environment care, full of confidence, beautiful soul were dancing TOGETHER!

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In the end, Stasia and Shelley had a speech about our ultimate topic. Environment protection is not just about environment, its about people. Whether you care the group you are in, whether you care people and things around you, no matter animal, plants or human. We love China, so we care for the environment we rely on

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Everyone of us have a dream, we may not even dare enough to realize it, because we have fear, we are afraid. However, green foot gather people with same wish together, your dream can become our dream, together we could realize it. Its not mine, not yours, its ours, common goal and vision. This is the magic of green foot: TOGETHER, WE CAN!

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绿脚丫简介 Green Foot Brief Introduction


喜闻乐见的模式,在生活和娱乐中践行环保的理念。 通过一个绿币激励系统来鼓励做环保的行为。通过你的环保行为获得的


Green Foot is an International Environment Care Community that connect and influence people with environment awareness

 through activities such as: Hiking & Trash Cleanups, Eco Camp, Second Hand Sharing, Public Speaking Events, Waste DIY. 

We have created an incentive system to encourage people to take actions to protect the environment by rewarding them with 

green points. Let’s work together towards our common goal! 

绿脚丫精神 Green Foot Spirit

 活出绿脚丫精神 - 去时比来时更干净;不让一个人落单;带上笑容,敞开心扉。

 Living the Green Foot spirit - Its cleaner when you leave, Nobody stands alone! Bring your smile and open heart

绿脚丫2018纲领 Green Foot 2018 Plan