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With a little attention you can discover that many witches and wizards are on the street. No matter it’s Halloween or not, no matter they got treat or not, they are on duties. They use their magic brooms get filth away, keep us clean and beauty. 

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After cleaning up the trash, these hard-working witches and wizards still need to do garbage sorting manually. 



As it’s bringing public attention to citizens to learn and do garbage sorting in Shenzhen, Green Foot has taken action of her mission on this Halloween. We went on street to surprise our witches and wizards, listened to their voices and stories and thanked them for their works. 



We put on a Halloween costume which made of white trash, went on street to teach and encouraged passengers to do garbage sorting. 



Now let’s enjoy some reviews together:


From my point of view, Shenzhen is the most beautiful city in China, the most beautiful of all. While I was appreciating and enjoying the clean and tidy streets of Shenzhen, I seldom thought of the cleaners, a group that is usually neglected. During an event of Green Foot, I was fortunate to get a chance to interview several cleaners, and I was deeply impressed.



Before the interview, I somehow presumed that, this is a group that needs concerns and helps, as they are among the so-called lower class in the society. Therefore, they could have a lot of dissatisfactions and requirements over the society, the highly developed city, as well as the growing gap between the rich and the poor. So, many of our questions focused on their opinions against the environment and their own status; together with their dissatisfactions and the helps they needed.

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 However, our random interviews with about ten cleaners, brought the abstract concepts like "the hard-working and kind-hearted Chinese people", "temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous" to the present, lively and specific:

"Are you satisfied with your salary?"

"Do you think people respect your work?"

"Do you think long hours of work is harmful to your health?"

"What do you think we can do to help you and your work?"

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Most of the answers we received are as follows:

"I am satisfied; our salary has increased. "

"Only a small number of unreasonable people will look down upon us and think we are lower than the others."

"People around us are all kind to us, many stores in the area where we clean leave some valuable recyclable wastes for us to sell, and some restaurants charge us less for meals."

"People have much stronger environmental awareness now than before, and fewer people litter."

"My health is not affected; I am pretty healthy."


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Most of the interviewees have smiles with satisfaction on their faces. They have no complaints against their lives and the environment. They work in silence and feel that this is what should be done. They silently endure the physical damages caused by work. Among the interviewees, there is a 50-year-old male cleaner, his fingernails have been deformed due to exposure to toxic wastes. Most of the cleaners are elder, they work to lighten the burden on their families. They think that they have no other labor skills and they are satisfied with the current job, even if sometimes they encountered some unreasonable passers-by, who ridiculed and insulted them when being advised to throw rubbish into the trash can, rather than throw it outside...

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Originally, green footers were hoping to do something for them by the event. Looking at their smiles and listening to their words, I realize they teach me more than I could do for them. They teach me: always be thankful and down to earth ... They let me see that the Chinese working people are indeed "hard-working and kind-hearted" and "temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous" ...





However, the task that Green Foot gave us is not yet finished, what can we do for them? That's a question, what do you think of that?

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Thanks for event organizer Sylphya's creative idea and plan. Thanks for the author of this Article: Tina and English Translation: Pony

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