Green Shop User's Manual 绿色商城的使用指南

我们坚信,好的行为不光是需要被表扬,也需要被奖励。因此我们创建了一个奖励系统,对于参与环保公益和志愿者服务的脚丫子们我们给予绿币的回馈,用绿币可以在我们的绿色商城消费。 At the same time we believe green actions need to be honored and rewarded. Therefore we create an incentive system to encourage people who do green actions by rewarding them green points.

【精神Spirit】心中升明月,前路遇知己 Common Goals bring us together

我们这些大使, 来自不同的成长背景, 不同的职业领域, 却有着相同的地方: 他们对于环保有热情有初心, 怀抱开放包容的心态, 有比较强的沟通能力, 并且有着不俗的”颜值”. These ambassadors, originated from different background and career fields, share all these: they have enthusiam about environment protection; they are quite open for new areas of life; they are capable of connecting people, and what’s more, they are all charming.

Green Foot Spirit 绿脚丫精神

极简主义不代表着苦行僧,是“够用就好”的智慧。我们减少自己膨胀的物质欲望,欣赏“旧物”的美,了解“共享”背后的真谛;延伸出去更大的内涵,我们拒绝不必要的应酬,不必要的资信轰炸,同时我们也对环境,对他人,减少过度的干扰,并视之为尊重。 Here minimalism doesn't mean we live a life of an ascetic monk, it's all about feeling enough about the needs. We reduce our expanded desires about materials, appreciate the value of second hand stuff, understand the essense of sharing; As an extension of minimalism, we say no to some unnecessary social occasions and information. At the same time, we minimize our interference to the environment, and others as well. All this is valued as respect.

Green Foot’s Anniversary: An Eco Party 绿脚丫周年庆:环保的派对

We bow to no king or queen, instead we bend the knee to our planet earth.When we aren't bending our knees for you and our planet, you can see us entertaining, frolicking, and even partying in nature. How do we align our values advocating for a greener earth into our entertainment and adventures? Read on if you care to learn how we created an “Eco-Celebration” for Green Foot’s Anniversary. We are not hypocrites; we are advocates! 即使面对皇室也不会弯腰的我们,却可以毫不犹豫的为我们的地球屈膝. 在我们没有为你、为我们的星球弯腰清洁的时候,你可以看到我们在大自然中欢笑、歌唱、嬉戏还有尽情欢乐的聚会。我们是如何做到把绿色环保的价值观融入我们的日常娱乐、消遣和探险等活动中呢?如果你想知道我们是怎样在绿脚丫的周年庆活动中创造了一个环保的庆祝方式,那就读下去吧。我们不是说说而已,我们身体力行!

This is your stage! 这是你的舞台!

这是你的舞台,爱是最华美的乐章,绿脚丫一周岁派对,是一场环保创意的盛宴,更是因关爱而倾诉的聚会! This is your stage, love is the most fabulous melody! Green Foot One Year Anniversary Party, an environment friendly and creative feast, also a gathering to share and care!

闪动的是信念 Its what we believe in inspired us

绿脚丫环保快闪,从一个念头到最后成行,他承载的不是专业的舞蹈,而是集体的创造精神,协作和信念的传递 Green Foot Flashmob, from an idea to finally made into action, it represents not just dancing skill, but team creativity spirit, cooperation and belief in ourselves!